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When you need fast, efficient electronic payment services that can meet your changing business needs, turn to ECheck Merchant. We provide payment processing, settlement and reporting, check guarantee & consumer financing, equipment, marketing resources, and agent bank programs for thousands of independent retailers like you.

ECheck Merchant offers the most comprehensive check guarantee and card processing solutions in the industry. From debit, credit and gift card to pre paid, check and c-store processing, ECheck Merchant is the single source for all the products and services businesses need to process electronic card sales faster. And more cost-effectively.

ECHECK Processing Programs 

This program allows your business to accept electronic checks directly from your terminal, over the phone or through the internet. This is a cutting edge electronic check acceptance process that is revolutionizing paymeny proessing for both low and high risk merchants.  All checks are guaranteed and deposited into your account within 3 banking days.  If you are currently using another provider, let us know your rates & WE WILL BEAT THE COMPETITION.

Hold Check Consumer Finance
Coupled with our check guarentee programs, Hold Check Consumer Finance allows an easier way for your customers to pay by check.
  When payment is due, your customer can write 2 to 4 checks equaling the total amount.  You then deposit the checks over a period of time, up to 60 days.  This gives your customers extra time to pay for the services they need.

Credit Card Acceptance Programs

To maximize sales and profits, you need to offer payment options that are fast, flexible and cost efficient. Bank cards allow customers to pay quickly and reliably, so your profits rise and PIN secured debit is one of the fastest growing payment types in the US.

Gift Card Programs

From single-store mom and pop shops to on-the-move franchise companies with 100+ locations, businesses are selling, processing and tracking much more prepaid gift business than with outdated paper gift certificates.

Cash Advance Programs

Traditional lenders often say "no" to small business applicants. Even well-run small businesses often don't qualify for bank loans because they don't match the rigid lending parameters. ECheck Merchant uses technology to focus on the true health of your business - not just credit scores. A strong cash flow and good payment behavior demonstrate the performance of your business and can help you to qualify for business loans from $5,000 up to $5,000,000. By reviewing business performance in addition to credit history, we can identify healthy businesses that others pass by. We're different than most financing sources because we make loan decisions based primarily on your business's cash flow, not physical assets. Our loans do not require a mortgage, so they close quickly.

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